Brown Bread



Not to brag, but our Brown Bread has been called “the BEST!” Incredibly high in fiber, this bread is dense enough to keep you full. It has a hearty, pleasing texture which makes it an excellent side to meals, spreads, dips, soups, and more.
– 15g protein
– 9g fiber
– 6g net carbs
– Egg-free
– Soy Isolate-Free
– Nut-free

This hearty multi-grain bread is the perfect addition to any quick meal or add your favorite spread to make a hearty snack.
Use our Brown Bread for avocado toast, dip it in chicken noodle soup, top with olive oil and seasonings, make French toast—the possibilities are endless. Insider tip: our clients love toasting it and making croutons with it for salads.
No matter how you enjoy it, our Brown Bread is sure to leave you feeling full, satiated, and happy with your culinary decisions.


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