Mocha Pudding & Shake Mix


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Add this to your morning coffee to add a subtle mocha flavor while avoiding the pitfalls of so many coffee creamers.
– 15g protein
– 7g net carbs
– Egg-free
– Soy Isolate-Free
– Nut-free
– No gluten ingredients

You’ll love the delicious, smooth, and rich texture of our Pudding & Shake Mix.
Just add water to quickly enjoy either a satisfying and filling pudding or a decadent protein shake. This shake works great as a travel-friendly meal, while the puddings make an enjoyable dessert. Toss one in the blender with some spinach and kale for an even more nutritious shake on the go.
With a balanced, authentic chocolatey flavor, this mix hits all the right “must-have-chocolate” buttons.



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