Immune Daily Support


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Support your body’s immune responses, an integration of high-performing vitamins and phytochemicals is necessary. Imune is that meticulously researched formula your immune system needs!

Quorum Sensing Support Blend

Liposomal quercetin, reishi mushroom, Agaricus blazei, nano silver, zinc, and vitamin C combine to inhibit quorum sensing, which is how bad bacteria communicate with each other and compromise immune health.

Innate Immunity Support Blend

Calcium, elderberry, lion’s mane mushroom, vitamin D3, aloe vera, and vitamin E maintain the health and strength of the innate immune system.

Adaptive Immunity Support Blend

Aquamin TG, Cordyceps sinensis, maitake mushroom, vitamin A, trace minerals, and selenium support the adaptive immune system so the body can quickly recognize and neutralize threats.


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