Why Diet Programs Fail for Middle Aged Women, and What you Really Need to Know to Lose Stubborn Weight Gain

Virtual Zoom Masterclass | Monday, November 8, 2021 | 7 pm EST
Don't miss this 1 hour Masterclass where I will be sharing expert insights on inflammation, hormones, and stubborn midlife weight gain that diet companies don't want you to know.

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Expert Insight #1: It’s not your fault that traditional weight loss methods fail you.

  • Learn why we gain weight during middle age, why this weight gain is so stubborn, and how traditional weight loss programs fail to address the complex hormonal changes that occur during midlife.

Expert Insight #2: You’ve been lied to about how to lose weight: eat less, exercise more, the next big diet, more willpower, etc.

  • Learn how changes in reproductive hormones during midlife cause resistance to weight-regulating hormones.
  • Learn what these hormones are, how menopause and nutrition affect them, and how to eat to control these hormones so that you can finally lose that stubborn weight gain and combat common menopause symptoms.

Expert Insight #3: You can cut out all of the “bad” foods, eat all of the right things, and STILL struggle with stubborn weight gain.

  • Learn how menopausal hormones contribute to high levels of inflammation, resulting in worsening menopausal symptoms and difficulty losing stubborn weight.
  • I’ll be sharing my top tips about foods to avoid and foods to eat to stop this cycle and let your body naturally lessen inflammation.
  • You’ll also learn about how our bodies develop unique inflammatory responses to certain foods (even the “good” ones) and how to tell if you have inflammation from an underlying food sensitivity.

Taught by a certified nutritionist with 15+ years of experience helping middle-aged women reduce inflammation, fight menopause symptoms, lose weight, and feel great.

Like so many women, I too struggled with stubborn weight gain and unwanted symptoms during menopause. I found myself unable to lose the weight no matter what methods I tried, and ending the days hungry, achy, and exhausted.

As a certified nutritionist I knew I was doing everything I should have been doing but with different results than before. So I learned everything I could about changes to our bodies during menopause. I discovered that it really is ALL about hormones.

Knowing which hormones were causing what reactions in my body, and how to eat to combat this, was a life-changer.  

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