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Enjoy a Spa-like Feel with a Gym-like Workout

With our busy northern Virginia lifestyles, it can be difficult to get to the gym regularly, much less enjoy some much needed relaxation time at the spa.  With the Electro-Slim electrotherapy weight loss system, you can strengthen and tone muscles, break up fats, and improve circulation and toxin elimination.

The best part is you can do this while reading a book, listening to music, or napping.  We know – you’re skeptical. But Electro-Slim isn’t a fad. It’s an FDA Medical Device Approved program and has been used successfully around the world since 1983 to lose weight fast.  It’s also used by many Olympic athletes to keep their muscles in peak condition.

The noninvasive, no-impact workout takes place in a private room at the 7Company Weight Loss and Wellness Center in Lansdowne, and has the unique ability to tone and tighten targeted areas of the body via electrode pads placed on the skin. These electrodes deliver specific frequencies to targeted areas of the body to help increase the flow of oxygenated blood, improve circulation, work with the body’s lymphatic system to promote detoxification, tone muscles and burn calories, smooth out cellulite and tighten sagging skin, helping you lose weight fast and reach your goals.

*Individual results may vary depending on factors such as body composition, physical activity level, and adherence to program. Numbers are based on averages and do not guarantee the same results for all people.

What is Electro-Slim Technology

Lose an avg. of 9 inches after 10 Treatments!

Each quick and easy weight loss treatment has three cycles in 20 minute durations. The first cycle enhances circulation; the second cycle detoxifies by removing stored toxins and fats; the third cycle rehabilitates and tones targeted muscle groups.

To achieve the quickest weight loss results, it is recommended that you do at least 2 Electro-Slim sessions per week, though more can be done if desired.

Each session will include:

  • Weekly measurements and weigh-ins
  • Monitoring by a Registered Nurse
  • Placement of up to 16 electrodes on skin for muscle stimulation
  • A relaxing environment

Outcomes to date demonstrate an average of 5 inches lost after 4 treatments, 9.7 inches lost after 10 treatments. (Actual results vary per client)

Electro-slim electrotherapy easy weight loss stimulates muscle groups to tone your body and lose weight fast

What Programs Will Help You Lose Weight Fast?

Learn More About Our Customized
Electro-Slim Programs for easy weight loss.

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Program 5:
Champion Sculpt & Slim
Program 6:

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