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    During this program, I’ve stayed strong, built up more muscle that I can see and feel and lost 45 pounds. I no longer have problems lifting, my clothes fit and I no longer avoid being in the family photos. I have my life back. Go get yours!



    The program works for everyone. I am convinced that anyone who follow the program can and will get the results that I have experienced. Whether you want to loose 10 pounds or 110 pounds. I completely endorse 7Company and their weight loss programs.


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    I weighed 187 pounds after i had my baby. My wedding was around the corner and I was desperate to lose the weight. I started my treatments and I lost the weight fast! Now I keep it off and look forward to helping others to do the same.



    In 5 months, I reached my goal to lose 80 pounds! My body fat went from 36% to 17%; my waist size went from 42-44 inches to my current 34 inches. My wife now calls me “Bones!”


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    I have been on Ria and Robey’s electro-slim program for about 6 months now and I have lost 25 pounds so far. Since being on the program I have had so much more energy.



    Without all the encouragement and support I will still be 40 pounds heavier and out of shape.


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