Fit & Happy Fiber + Probiotic for Healthy Weight


Are you ready to achieve better health? MenoFit and Happy Fiber are an amazing combo. The doctor-formulated MenoFit and Happy Fiber are specifically designed to help women achieve their health and wellness goals goals. This combo pack includes one bottle of MenoFit and one bag of Happy Fiber.

30 day supply of each. Recommended:  Two capsules and two spoonfuls daily with a few small changes to diet and movement.

Gut and microbome health have never been more important.  As women approach perimenopause, menopause and even post menopause, hormonal changes affect mood, digestion, weight, sleep, and even libido, and overall health. MenoLabs has brought together the latest research in natural women’s health support to create Fit & Happy.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) has disrupted our bodies natural abilities to achieve optimal health.  You can improve weight, digestive health, sleep, mood, and energy with a few small changes.

Start with good supplementation.



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