Natural Vitality Calm, Magnesium Supplement, Raspberry Lemon 8 Oz


When life gives you stress, reach for our relaxing raspberry-lemon magnesium drink mix.* Simply mix with water for a delicious beverage you can enjoy hot, cold, day, night—or anytime you could use a CALM moment.  (packaging may vary)
  • Let go of worries as the stress-relieving power of magnesium eases away tension*
  • Water, magnesium carbonate and citric acid create a unique, fizzy drink
  • Available in delicious raspberry-lemon, plus 8 other flavors you’ll love

About this item

  • Calm Magnesium Powder
  • Raspberry Lemon
  • Gmo free
  • gluten free
  • starch free
  • sugar free
  • Stress Support
  • Relaxing and Soothing
  • Easy to Prepare
  • Use As Directed

You’re One Cup Away From CALM*

Since 1982, Natural Vitality CALM® has been providing stress relief and relaxation through the power of magnesium, sourced from the sea.* Our best-selling, delicious raspberry-lemon supplement mixes with water to create a solution of magnesium citrate, which is three times better absorbed than magnesium oxide. It’s formulated specifically to help support healthy magnesium levels while delivering a calming experience you can feel.*

  • Supports healthy levels of magnesium, an essential mineral that plays a key role in over 300 cellular processes in your body—including maintaining healthy bones and muscles, cardiovascular health, and brain and nervous system function*
  • Easy-to-prepare beverage tastes great served hot or cold
  • Leading magnesium brand in the U.S.‡


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