Join our Fall Great Body, Mind and Health Reset!

The Great Body, Mind and Health Reset Starts on September 13, Only $60.

We know restarting isn’t always easy so we’ve committed to providing you with lots of additional support.

Here’s what’s included in your 7 week Tune-Up Challenge:
7 Weeks of Virtual One-on-One Coaching
Tune-Up Protocol Refresher Master Class
7 Weekly Virtual Master Classes on relevant weight loss topics such as:
Planning & Preparation                                             Emotional Eating
Mindfulness                                                                  Social Occasions
Self Care                                                                         Rewards without Food
Virtual Cooking Demos & Recipes
Meditations & Affirmations
Journaling Exercises and Worksheets
Private Facebook Community Group
Unlimited email and text support

The Great Body, Mind, Health Reset

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Ideal Protein Restart or Tune-Up

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Restart & Tune-Ups

What Is It?


Sometimes, in the course of working toward your weight loss goal, an unexpected life event occurs and puts a pause on your progress. BUT, it’s never too late to start again and reach your goal! Each time you start the program you will see results quickly and continue making progress toward greater health. Restarting the Ideal Protein program is easy. Call today to schedule your restart appointment.


You reached your goal when you utilized the Ideal Protein protocol in the past, but over time, some of the weight has begun to creep back. It’s normal for the body to gain weight, not lose it. Starting the program again for a Tune-Up will quickly get you back to the healthiest you. At your Tune-Up appointment, your coach will help you set a new goal and help you with your meal plans for success.

What Our Clients Say

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With over a 1000 satisfied clients were are certain we can help you achieve your weight loss and lifestyle goals.

Try Your Hand At

The Tune-Up Challenge Programs

You aren’t alone if you need a Tune-Up. That’s why we’ve designed a series of 7 week challenges to bring you together as a community to lose weight and get healthy together. Our Tune-Up challenges include a private facebook group, weekly challenges and rewards, cooking demos, meditations, Master Class Live webinars on important weight loss topics and so much more.

Success Stories

With the 7 Day Detox Package

What You Get

With the Restart or Tune-Up Package


For previous 7Company program members who have been out of the program for more than a year.


For previous 7Company program members who need to a little help less than a year out of the program.

About the Restarts & Tune-Ups


What kinds of results can you see as a Restart?

Restarts can see the same results as new starts.  At 7Company we see an average of 2 -3 lbs of fat lost per week for women, and 3 to 5 for men.

When can I start?

You can start as soon as you have completed an updated health profile and it has been reviewed and approved by a Coach. Sometimes a doctor’s approval is required (depending on health conditions). Once approval is obtained, you are ready to make your restart appointment.

*Results may vary depending on physiological factors, adherence to program, etc.

*Based on actual data and results from members treated at our Lansdowne clinic. Results may vary depending on physiological factors, adherance to program, etc.

What do I need to do to get back enrolled?

You will need to make a weight loss Restart or Tune-Up appointment, complete a new health profile and report any medical changes to your Coach.  There are some medical conditions that require a doctor’s approval and 7Company will work on your behalf to get that consent prior to starting the program.

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