Does Menopause Have You Constantly Exhausted? Feeling Bloated, Sluggish, Irritable, or Overweight?


Menopausal Weight Gain

You aren’t imagining it! Aging and hormone changes contribute to higher belly fat deposition during menopause.

The Inflammation Cycle

This increases inflammation, which increases belly fat. This vicious cycle makes weight loss incredibly difficult.

Breaking The Cycle

Traditional diets don’t work for you because they do not break the inflammation body fat cycle.

Introducing The 21-Day Anti-Inflammatory Menopause Program

Designed Specifically for Menopausal Women

More Than Just A Meal Plan

Three weeks’ worth of meal plans designed for menopausal women to reduce inflammation, bloating, hot flashes, and more. 

Group Zoom calls for education, motivation, and accountability.

Expert tips and guidance from a certified nutritionist.

Private Facebook Group for support, motivation, and accountability.

Weekly prep guides to keep yourself organized and on track.

Easy, affordable, and delicious recipes.

Itemized grocery lists.

And more!

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What Our Clients Say

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Jennifer's Story

A Holistic Approach To Menopausal Weight Gain

Like so many women, I too struggled with stubborn weight gain and unwanted symptoms during menopause. I found myself unable to lose the weight no matter what method I tried, and ending the days hungry, achy, and exhausted.

As a certified holistic nutritionist with over 15 years of experience, I knew I was doing everything I should have been doing but with different results than before. So I decided to use my expertise and personal experience to develop a plan for menopausal women that will actually work.

Sample The 21-Day Meal Plan for Menopause

Free 5-Day Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan For Menopause

Developed by a certified nutritionist to give you the nutrition you need during menopause, reduce inflammation, and fight menopause symptoms.

Complete with recipes, grocery lists, and tips.

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