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herb-roasted turkey breast

Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast Recipe

“This Ain’t No Spring Chicken!”   … Because this is a delicious turkey breast! Our Ideal Protein herb-roasted turkey breast recipe brings back a traditional meal, peppered with rosemary, sage, and various ingredients to give it that fresh kick. You can’t go wrong with a recipe as classic as this, and 7Company makes it even better! … Continue reading Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast Recipe

pork tenderloin

Apricot Dijon Pork Tenderloin Recipe

This Pork Tenderloin Brings New Meaning to “Mouth-Watering”… If you desire something both sweet and savory for your taste buds, congratulations! Your search is over. Our apricot dijon pork tenderloin recipe is Phase 1 friendly and will have you licking your [pork]chops every time you think about them!   Ingredients: 1 package pork tenderloin (2 … Continue reading Apricot Dijon Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Brussels sprouts

Marinated Brussels Sprouts

Marinated Brussels Sprouts – Delicious Hot or Cold! Brussels Sprouts are one of the most polar vegetables out there – either you love them, or you hate them. With 7Company’s Ideal Protein marinated Brussels sprouts recipe, we’ll turn every opinion about these veggies into a resounding cry for a second serving!   Ingredients: Generously salted … Continue reading Marinated Brussels Sprouts

Zucchini Tots 

Zucchini Tots Recipe

Tasty Zucchini Tots Zucchini tots are a 7Company favorite! When you can’t have regular tater tots, you will find these as the perfect substitute. They taste just the same, if not better! Ingredients: 1 cup zucchini, grated 1 egg ¼ c. shaved cauliflower 1 IP packet of Garlic & Herb Chips (crushed) Salt and Pepper … Continue reading Zucchini Tots Recipe

Chicken Kebabs- Tikka Style

Chicken kebabs are a great meal filled with protein. They are perfect for grilling outside during the warm months and broiling inside during the cold months. This recipe is our take on the Indian Chicken Tikka Kebabs. No matter the time of year, you won’t be disappointed when you make chicken kebabs! Chicken Kebabs- Ingredients: … Continue reading Chicken Kebabs- Tikka Style

Flatbread Pizza

Flatbread Pizza Recipe!

Forget fast food; start craving our flatbread pizza instead! When you hear the word “pizza,” chances are you’re not imagining a healthy pie of any sorts. 7Company is here to prove you wrong! Our Ideal Protein-friendly flatbread pizza recipe provides a healthier alternative to traditional pizza without losing the flavor! Toasted to perfection, you can sit back … Continue reading Flatbread Pizza Recipe!

green bean casserole

Green Bean Casserole

Green bean casserole is the perfect vegetable dish. While participating in the Ideal Protein program, you can still eat tasty foods! Treat yourself and indulge in this savory meal. Green Bean Casserole Ingredients: 3 packets of Ideal Protein mushroom soup 12 Oz. veggie broth (The water for the soup) 1 1/2 teaspoon Bragg Liquid Aminos … Continue reading Green Bean Casserole

Tandoori chicken recipe

Holiday Chicken Recipe!

  The holidays are right around the corner and because of this, we are sharing a yummy holiday chicken recipe with you! Don’t let the temptation of the holidays prevent you from making progress on your diet. We are here with some great Ideal Protein recipe ideas that will keep your bellies full in addition to … Continue reading Holiday Chicken Recipe!

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