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stuffed crab portobello mushrooms

Crab Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Mouthwatering Portobello Mushrooms Stuffed with Crab! Vegetables are quickly becoming the go-to container for any portioned meal, and our crab stuffed portobello mushrooms are a perfect example how to combine fun, filling flavors in a healthy package! This is a savory Ideal Protein Phase 1-friendly treat with mouth-watering elements in every bite.   Ingredients: 1 lb. … Continue reading Crab Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Beef Blade with Herbs

Beef Blade with Herbs

Incredibly Savory Beef Blade Dinner Our beef blade dinner with herbs is so good you’ll feel like you’re dining out at a five-star restaurant! Blade roasts are best cooked using a moist heat method such as braising or stewing, but they can also be oven roasted if they are of the highest quality and they are … Continue reading Beef Blade with Herbs

Chocolate Pudding Puffs

Delicious Chocolate Pudding Puffs

Amazingly Sweet Chocolate Pudding Puffs in Seven Quick Steps! Chocolate pudding, marshmallows, and some more chocolate? These aren’t what come to mind when on a diet, but now they can be! Our incredible pudding puff recipe combines Ideal Protein wellness with chocolatey delight to form one unbelievable dessert that is also Phase 1-friendly! This recipe is … Continue reading Delicious Chocolate Pudding Puffs

Turkey Burger Salad

Turkey Burger Salad!

Simple and Healthy Turkey Burger Salad! Don’t miss a single barbecue this season! This Ideal Protein recipe brings forth the flavor of a delicious summer burger and gives it an Ideal Protein Phase 1-friendly twist! You won’t want to skip out on this turkey burger salad recipe! Ingredients 7 oz. ground turkey 1/2 cup iceberg … Continue reading Turkey Burger Salad!

Healthy Rotini Dish Recipe

Tasty and Healthy Rotini Pasta Dish! This healthy rotini dish is a perfect filling meal for Phase 1 and tastes identical to the pasta recipes you know and love. Including plenty of veggies and packed with flavor, this meal will satisfy all of your food-craving needs. Try out this Ideal Protein recipe for yourself! Ingredients: 2 … Continue reading Healthy Rotini Dish Recipe

key lime tarts

Key Lime Tarts Recipe

Key Lime Tarts That Make A Great Summer Snack for Phase 1! With summer right around the corner, it’s time to try something new! These Key Lime Tarts will be a perfect Ideal Protein treat for a hot sunny day. Both zesty and mouthwatering, these indulgent snacks pack a flavorful punch and are also a … Continue reading Key Lime Tarts Recipe

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